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If you are unable to take action through your wallet or you are not able to carry out the Coinbase wallet withdraw procedure, then you need to fix problems with the wallet extension you are using. So, here are a few tips that you can try in order to come out of this problem:

  • At first, what you can try doing is uninstall the extension and re-add it just like you did for the first time

  • If that does not help resolve the issue, make sure that you have not violated any kind of terms set by Coinbase

  • There could be also a problem at the end of Coinbase log in which could be leading to issues with the wallet or the extension

  • If your Chrome browser itself is outdated, then you can update the browser to its latest version and it will definitely help you resolve the issue

  • Else, you can navigate to https://help.coinbase.com/en/coinbase/other-topics/troubleshooting-and-tips/app-troubleshooting to help yourself

How to activate a Coinbase Card?

If you have applied for a Coinbase car and you are fortunate enough to receive it, then what you can do to activate it is to navigate to the coinbase.com/activate website. On this activation website, you simply need to feed in the requested data and you will be ready to use your card within a few minutes. You might also be asked to provide your Coinbase log in credentials in the given form.


With this, the detailed discussion on Coinbase login and Coinbase wallet comes to an end. If you are having any difficulty while logging in to your Coinbase account, then you should first check the login URL which should be https://www.coinbase.com/ login. Do not try to sign in through any other lookalike Coinbase website as it could be a phishing website trying to access your data by being the representative of Coinbase. For more information, you should navigate to the official website and go to the "Help" section of Coinbase to get the necessary help.

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